In Printaty Studio , we have a dedicated space for all kinds of workshops for kids and adults.
We hold workshops regularly that you can check out

Create your own workshop

If you would like to set up your own workshop in We in Printaty, you are gladly welcomed.

How can you arrange your workshop with us?

-The workshop presenter will contact us on the form below.

- We will review it and communicate with the workshop presenter for details and prices and inform him if it is possible or not to hold his workshop

- The workshop presenter pays a deposit of 500 Qatari riyals: in the event of holding the workshop, the deposit will be deducted later from the percentage allocated to us. In case the workshop is canceled due to lack of turnout or for any circumstance related to the workshop provider, we will keep the deposit to cover the administrative and advertising expenses.

- A page dedicated to the workshop and the workshop presenter will be created on our website in addition to a registration form and an electronic payment gateway.

- We will announce the workshop on my Printaty's social media accounts, in addition to paid advertisements on social media .

What will we provide for you?

- A place to hold the workshop equipped with a screen, a projector, a Whiteboard, pens and writing papers for the trainees

- Managing the registration for the workshop through our website and following up on the registration

- Announcing the workshop in our account in addition to paid advertisements on social media

-Hospitality corner for workshop attendees that contains light snacks and drinks.

- Design and print certificates of attendance for the workshop (if the workshop presenter desires to do so)

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As for technical tools, materials, etc., they can be:

- The workshop provider shall provide them.

- We provide them for an additional fee on The trainer or the trainee as agreed.