1- Do I have to have a credit card to buy From the site?

  • In Qatar: Not necessarily, our representative will deliver your order and receive the value of the order, but we provide payment by bank transfer or cards if you like.
  • Countries of the world We offer payment by credit cards, in addition to bank transfer and Western Union.

2- When Received my order?

Orders are generally delivered inside Qatar or shipped outside Qatar daily (except weekends and public holidays)

  • In Qatar: The driver usually has multiple orders to deliver daily , and this depends on the number of customers, the traffic jam, and the response of customers ..Mostly, if you order before the afternoon, you will receive your order on the same day..But if you order after the afternoon, you will receive your order the next day.
  • Outside Qatar: we will ship dialy orders via Qatar Post Express EMS or DHL and you will be provided with a tracking number The delivery period depends on To the country approximately 5 days to 2 weeks ..

3 - I am in Qatar and I asked at what time the delivery representative will call me?

As we said in the previous question, we cannot specify a specific time, but we are flexible in dealing, and if the representative calls at an inconvenient time for you You can always ask him to schedule another appointment or another time.

5- I have a design / family photo / photo of my children / photo of my cat ... etc and I want to print it Can you?

Currently we do not accept any special requests but maybe in the future.

6- The product is defective / the cup is broken / the product is defective / the order is incorrect?

We take full responsibility for our products in the rare occasions that you may encounter a damaged product Either due to a manufacturing defect or due to shipping or delivery, we are obligated to replace it completely and we are committed to the value of the shipping / delegate.

Please see Return & Exchange Policy.

7- I chose a phone case for my phone but I chose the wrong phone type and now it arrived and it doesn't fit my phone?

We will gladly replace it For you, but we hope:

  • In Qatar: you pay the value of the delivery representative when he delivers the new order to you and the need to deliver the old order
  • The rest of the world: Please ship the old order to us and pay Shipping value for the new order until we send you your new order.. Please contact us through the website contact form or send a message or WhatsApp on 77071723

8- I was trying the site / I was playing / I was playing and I ordered from the site by mistake?

Please contact us through the website contact form or send a message or WhatsApp at 77071723


9- Is the card payment service secure? Will you keep my card number?

We offer the card payment service through an international company, Tap, based in the State of Kuwait and all transactions are made through This company .. When you pay by card, we do not keep or know your card number or any of its data, as the company processes the process through its servers and in a secure manner. For additional information please see the " Privacy Policy " of the Printati Store

< span style="color: #000000;"> 10- I want to return/exchange?

please see Return and Exchange Policy.

13-What are my prints? And who is based on it? Want your company information?

Please see "About my print " .

14- Do I have a job offer? I want to display your goods in my store / my country / my website?

Please contact us at "Contact Us "