1- Should I own/use credit card to be able to order from Printaty ?

  • In Qatar : not really we provide many payment options including cash on delivery .
  • International : We provide many options besides credit card .. we offer other options such as Western Union ,Paypal  and bank transfer .

2- When I will get my order?

In general  we ship every Monday and Wednesday , but in seasons such as Qatar national day or Ramdan we ship/Deliver every day.

In Qatar : The driver might need a day or more .It depends on the number of orders / traffic ..etc ,but ..

  1. If you made the order before Sunday's afternoon .. then you will receive the order Monday or Tuesday .
  2. If you made the order before Wednesday's afternoon then you will receive your order Thursday or Friday.

International : We will ship every Monday and Tuesday by EMS .. times varies between a week to 30 days depends on your location .You can always track your order with tracking number that we will provide for you.

3- I'm in Qatar at what time will the driver deliver my order?

Unfortunately we can't give you an exact time, but  try to be as flexible as possible. If the driver contacted you in time or day that is not suitable for you .. please re-arrange with him an exact time and date that suits you.

4- Why don't you offer EMS delivery inside Qatar?

We used to do that, but starting from 2016 EMS(Mumtaz Qatar ) raised there fees .. which we found to be unrealistically high and in most cases hire than the driver .

5- Can you print my / my kids /my pet / my art work ..etc on a phone case ?

Currently no but maybe in the future .

6- The product is broken/Not correct/ Damaged ..etc?

Don't panic .. in the rare cases that you will receive such products we take full responsibility for our mistakes . And we will replace the item and pay the shipping/delivery fee.

For more info please  check our " refund and exchange policy"

7- I choose the wrong phone case model / I choose the wrong size ?

To know if you are eligible for exchange or not please  check our "refund and exchange policy"

8- I made an order by mistake / I was testing the website / I'm not serious about my order ..etc? 

To cancel the order send us SMS or Whatsapp at +974-77071723

9- Is your online payment safe ?

Payment is provided through a third party provider. We don't see or save any of your payment info ... 

For more info please read our " Privacy policy

10- I'm ordering from outside Qatar when will I receive  my order?

We ship every Mon and Tue. Time will vary depends on where you are. For example GCC countries will get there package with 3 to 7 days.

Once you order we will provide you with a tracking number .

11- I need to return and refund or I need to exchange ?

Please check our "refund and exchange policy"

12- What is Printaty ? I need more info about your company ?

Please read " About Printaty " page for more info .

13- I have business inquiry / I want to resell your products ... etc ?

Please contact us .